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Find here the only audio-visual guide specially designed for parents to enjoy too.

A Powerful Step by Step Tuition Tool

Your child will avoid problems, keep vitally interested and progress much faster.

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Don’t Wait Until Your Child Develops Unhelpful Habits!

Take Note Beginner Clarinet bridges that vulnerable gap between lessons when the teacher is not present,
saving time and making a world of difference to the child’s progress.

Written & Presented by Maggie Gray

A full-time professional performer and teacher with experience in
television, radio & London’s West End theatre orchestras.

Maggie has performed in many of London’s West End shows

And has become an authority in professional playing & teaching at all levels

Take Note Beginner Clarinet
is like having a teacher at home!

Finally all the facts at your fingertips and all the answers at hand.

Expert Tuition

Take Note Beginner Clarinet is the place where your child will learn the fundamental skills from which great clarinet playing develops.

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All the Essential Elements

Delivering incredible value Take Note Beginner Clarinet provides all the essential elements from the first months of lessons.

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The Perfect Foundation

Take Note Beginner Clarinet is succinctly niched into one product securing that perfect foundation for grade examination work.

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Meet Anthony the Ant

“Hi there folks! I feature regularly in Take Note Beginner Clarinet
giving you Top Tips and Golden Rules to remember. I’m always very helpful.”

Over 4 hours of fun instruction

All the information you need in one product.

A fun effective way to musical success!

Watch your child learn to produce a beautiful sound, develop a strong technique, read with confidence and inject life into the music with Take Note Beginner Clarinet.

✔ Interactive split screen tuition with moving graphics.

✔ Progressive play – along tunes.

✔ Troubleshooting tips to solve challenges.

✔ Fun Quizzes to test knowledge.

✔ Recap sections for quick revision.

✔ Essential advice for practise time.

✔ 12 easy to follow chapters.

“Best tuition DVD I’ve ever seen!”

This DVD is amazing! It really helps me and my mummy to understand reading music and scales and arpeggios. I think you’ll adore it! Anthony the ant is the best helper because he gives you tips about the clarinet if you encounter any problems. Best DVD ever! – Bakari, Age 9

“I owe my life-less-ordinary to this astonishing teacher.”

I owe my life-less-ordinary to this astonishing teacher. From the age of ten she has motivated and inspired me, injected joy into music which fuels me still on my gigs around the world playing sax at parties for the rich and famous. – Heather Hoyle,

“Maggie is a wonderful clarinet teacher.”

Maggie is a wonderful clarinet teacher to my daughter . She not only teaches the technical aspects of playing the instrument , but also a wider understanding of musicality. She welcomes parents into lessons to encourage involvement. My daughter has made great progress and really looks forward to her lessons. – Susan Rea

“Maggie has a real infectious love for the music.”

Maggie was the perfect teacher; always fun, always exciting, Maggie has a real infectious love for the music and a knack of communicating to students of every age… – Anthony Strong,

“Her students benefit from her tremendous musical knowledge.”

From a very early stage, Maggie has not only come across as an extremely talented musician but indeed a very competent teacher. She can on one hand ensure that her students benefit from her tremendous musical knowledge, but on the other hand also make her lessons fun and an experience to look forward to every week. – Sebastian Biju

“She taught me how to improvise for my grade 1, resulting in a distinction.”

I have played the saxophone since the age of seven. I have been taught by an amazing person called Maggie Gray. Without Maggie, I would not have the standard of music I have now. She taught me how to improvise for my grade 1, resulting in a distinction, and enabled me to achieve grade 4 at the age of 10. At Wilson’s school, I was selected for a music scholarship. My audition was greatly assisted by the fact that I had already achieved grade 4. As I had shown the school that I was an experienced musician, I was put in the top set for music and given a lead role for my saxophone in the year seven jazz band. All of these achievements come down to Maggie and how she showed me how to practise. She couldn’t have done a better job. – Oscar, Age 12

“Maggie is the teacher that everyone wants.”

Maggie is an excellent teacher with great quality, a mix between the right amount of strictness and fun. I started the clarinet just at the end of form 4 and within a year I did my grade 1. I passed with a merit and that was because of Maggie. Every Thursday, I look forward to the time when I will be with Maggie and I enjoy the lessons immensely! Maggie is the teacher that everyone wants, she pushes her pupils to be the best they can be and pass grades with flying colours. If you were to put a crown on her head she would become the musical queen because she teaches all the clarinets, saxophones and flutes. I look up to Maggie when she plays her instruments. I say this because she can teach you everything there is to know about your piece of music. Maggie is the greatest teacher I have ever met or seen. The thing I would say represents her is the saying, “push a long sausage of air right through the clarinet” which she somehow manages to say every week!. – Serena, Age 10

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Take Note Beginner Clarinet is THE parental guide
to help you support your child master the clarinet.

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