Children’s Clarinet Teacher on Tap at a Fraction of the Cost!

Take Note Beginner Clarinet is the place where your child will learn all the fundamental
skills to play with easy and joy, making learning a breeze. Buy your copy today!

4 Hours of Fun and Variety

Audio visual instructions from Maggie Gray

Top tips from Anthony the Ant

Fun quizzes

Quick revision sections

(and more)

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Your Child Will Love It

Whether you choose the DVDs or the Online Course your child will love learning with Maggie and Anthony the Ant
(who pops up here and there with golden rules and rhymes to remember).

Your Clarinet Encyclopaedia

All the necessary information niched into one product!

Have a look at each chapter below.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A big “Hello” to Mums and Dads explaining what to expect and how this material can be used to support their child. There’s also a big “Hello” to beginners, showing all the fun stuff to come!

Chapter 2

Chapter 2
“Getting Started”

Learn how to put the instrument together precisely, including sections on taking special care with the reed, being safe and clarinet care.

Chapter 3

Chapter 3
“Preparing to Play”

Learn about breathing, posture, finger positions on the instrument and how to hold the clarinet at the best angle.

Chapter 4

Chapter 4
“Producing the Sound”

Lots of little exercises to make the best sound in town – and doing it with ease. There’s a big bit on what to do if the sound isn’t coming out right too.

Chapter 5
“Reading in the First Stages”

(This is a piece of cake – promise!) Learn the names of the notes on the stave, note values and rests, how to feel the beat and count the rhythms of crotchets, minims, and semibreves.

Chapter 6

Chapter 6
“Playing in the First Stages”

Learn notes E, D and C. With split screen tuition you can see the fingerings on the clarinet as you play along with the accompaniments – how exciting!

Chapter 7

Chapter 7
“Reading in the Next Stages”

(An even bigger piece of cake)
Understand music signs, dynamics, words indicating speed and repeat marks. Learn how to slur, read and count quavers. Understand key signatures and time signatures.

Chapter 7

Chapter 8
“Playing in the Next Stages”

Learn a SYSTEM for reading music along with lots of new notes. Follow the finger patterns along with the tunes. By the end, you will be able to read to this level independently without the help of anyone else -HOW COOL!

Chapter 7

Chapter 9
“Scales and Arpeggios”

(The foundation of our technique!)
Learn F and G major and A minor along with their arpeggios.

Chapter 7

Chapter 10

(A jolly useful section)
Solutions for challenges you may have – a handy tool for the work in all chapters.

Chapter 7

Chapter 11
“Checklist for Parents… and Beginners Too!”

Important things to check out, so you only practise the helpful habits, for top motivation and speedy progress.

Chapter 8

Chapter 12
“Practising and Goodbye”

Essential advice for practice time.

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • 4 hours of audio-visual instructions

  • Top tips from Anthony the Ant

  • Fun quizzes

  • Play along with screen split tuition

  • 11 tunes and 2 old favourites

  • Quick revision sections

  • Foundation for examination

  • Designed for parents to enjoy too

  • Bridges gaps between lessons

For Ages Ranging From 7 to 12

Take Note Beginner Clarinet delivers incredible value, providing all the essential elements from the first months of lessons- succinctly niched into one product to secure that perfect foundation for grade examination work!

Compartmentalised and Sequenced

For easy understanding, the 12 chapters are superbly crafted as:

Never a problem in Between Lessons

Let’s face it, with Take Note Beginner clarinet you will never have a problem in between the lessons.
You have all the answers at hand from your teacher on tap!

4 Hours of Footage

Access one chapter at a time.

HOW to Practise

Practice strong technical skills with confidence.

WHAT to Practice

Get the most benefit out of your practice plan.

To be used as a series of lessons and/or as a reference guide.

Two DVDs with footage time each of approximately 2 hours 10 minutes. This purely audio visual guide may be used on its own or in conjunction with the child’s exercise or tutor book as instructed on the DVD. Use the simple menus scroll to just the bit you need.

Take Note Beginner Clarinet

Your Child Will Produce a Beautiful Sound

By implementing all the information covered in Take Note Beginner Clarinet,
your child WILL produce a beautiful sound and will read with confidence.

Saves You Money

Saving you time and money you can maintain the value of your child’s lessons ensuring that no vital points are forgotten.

A Teacher at Home

Take Note Beginner Clarinet is just like having your own teacher right in your living room but only at a minimal fraction of the cost.

Answers and Solutions

The material will supplement the lessons and provide answers and solutions on demand any time your child has a challenge with anything.

Take Note Beginner Clarinet is Backed
By Our 28-Day-Risk-Free Guarantee

Both the Online Course and DVD versions of Take Note Beginner Clarinet are completely covered by our personal money back guarantee. If you are not totally delighted, simply contact us at any time within the 28 days of purchaser for a prompt and courteous refund of the full purchase price. There is absolutely no risk to getting started.