From Parents

Susan Rea Parent

Maggie is a wonderful clarinet teacher to my daughter. She not only teaches the technical aspects of playing the instrument, but also a wider understanding of musicality. She welcomes parents into lessons to encourage involvement. My daughter has made great progress and really looks forward to her lessons.

Jan Yendall Parent

Maggie has been a great teacher for my daughter who has developed from a complete beginner into someone who loves the clarinet. Maggie has made the lessons fun and her calm and understanding approach has meant that the lessons are always productive and positive. My daughter has developed a strong understanding of the fundamentals due to Maggie’s excellent thorough approach to teaching. As a parent I have been kept involved in the teaching, had regular communication and Maggie has given me the skills set so that I can support my daughter in her clarinet playing. I would recommend her as a teacher to anyone.

Mark Reddick Parent

Maggie inspired Jack to explore both Clarinet and Saxophone. He 'clicked' with her from day one, enjoying her professional approach to lessons and progress towards grades. Through her, he achieved a high level of learning, and this contributed to his success in Grade 8 certification. He continues to play both instruments with a passion, and has since chosen Saxophone as his 2nd Study at the Royal Academy of Music. Thanks.

Sebastian Biju Parent

I have had the pleasure of having Maggie teach my two children since they were a very young age, one with the Saxophone and the other with the Clarinet. From a very early stage, Maggie has not only come across as an extremely talented musician but indeed a very competent teacher. She can on one hand ensure that her students benefit from her tremendous musical knowledge, but on the other hand also make her lessons fun and an experience to look forward to every week.

From the onset, she has consistently been able to engage and teach my children all the values required to excel in music: practice in order to better oneself, confidence to perform in front of others on stage, ability to perform alone but also as a member of a bigger group. As they are now in secondary school, all these qualities have become all the more apparent as they are able to perform not only as solo artists but equally as part of a full orchestra . They have also picked up other instruments, such as piano, violin and even bassoon, where being able to apply the same principles that Maggie taught them has helped them progress visibly faster.​

Through all the years spent learning from Maggie, my children have come to appreciate music, not simply as yet another scholarly chore, but a discipline to be enjoyed, and one in which they have thrived.​

Gill Lister Parent

I’ve been extremely fortunate to have had Maggie teach both my children from a young age to play their respective instruments (Clarinet and Saxophone). Maggie is not only highly regarded as a teacher but a highly accomplished and well respected musician whose praises are sung from her peers at the top of their game, whether that be those who work in TV, the West End or who have supported major stars such as Sammy Davis Junior. Having watched Maggie perform and been privileged enough to observe her teaching sessions with my children it is evident why she has the respect she deserves. Maggie is clearly passionate about music, the importance of teaching correctly and understands how to get the best out of children and keep them interested. She has been able to imbed the importance of getting the basics right in order to ensure they don’t fall into bad habits which would have undoubtedly halted their progression down the line. To this end, my children have become confident performers with a love of their instruments, which includes the ability to competently improvise in front of a large audience. As a parent who wanted their children to enjoy and progress in their instrument, I feel she has certainly fulfilled this objective.

David Smith (C.Eng. B.Sc. [Eng.])

Maggie taught my daughter saxophone and clarinet from the age of ten until she went to Trinity College of Music, having achieved Grade 8 of the Associated Board Examination with distinction. My daughter, obtained a B.Music degree and has subsequently followed a successful full-time musical performing career for the past fourteen years. This speaks for itself, but I also know, as a serious amateur performer who has sat in on her lessons, that Maggie’s competence and knowledge as a teacher, and as a professional performer herself, is of the highest order, particularly in her ability to ground correct basic technique and foster musicality. At the same time she preserves a close personal empathy with her pupil.

Malcolm Frammingham Freelance Trombone

Maggie Gray taught my son the saxophone and clarinet and laid an excellent foundation so he was able to go to music College. He is now working as a professional musician. As a professional player myself I appreciate her method of teaching, and the high standard she brings to each lesson.

From Peers

I have worked with Maggie both as a player and as a Musical Director/Conductor since 1993 when she was Assistant Conductor of Grease at the Dominion Theatre in London’s West End. I was Musical Supervisor and Principal Conductor at that time!

Over the years our paths have crossed frequently and she continues to have great charm, musical talent and exudes a positive air around her.

I would recommend her work without hesitation!

Paul WilsonDirector of Music Whitgift School

Maggie Gray is an inspirational teacher who has had a hugely positive effect on the standard of saxophone playing at Whitgift School; the result is that we now have a number of expert Jazz ensembles.

She is, of course, a consummate player herself.

Tommy WhitestoneBirmingham Royal Ballet

In my opinion Maggie Gray is one of the finest Saxophone teachers around anywhere. All her pupils make a beautiful sound, make quick progress, feel inspired and really enjoy their lessons. How does she do it? I only wish I knew.

From Pupils

SerenaAged 10

Maggie is an excellent teacher with great quality, a mix between the right amount of strictness and fun. I started the clarinet just at the end of form 4 and within a year I did my grade 1. I passed merit and that was because of Maggie.

Every Thursday, I look forward to the time when I will be with Maggie and I enjoy the lessons immensely! Maggie is the teacher that everyone wants, she pushes her pupils to be the best they can be and pass grades with flying colours.

Maggie can play almost anything, so that means she will not waste time working out a tune during the lesson. If you were to put a crown on her head she would become the musical queen because she teaches all the clarinets, saxophones and flutes.

I look up to Maggie when she plays her instruments. I say this because she can teach you everything there is to know about your piece of music.

She is the best teacher you would find in your whole entire life time. If you can play the trickiest piece of music so can Maggie, but if she can’t no one can.

Maggie is the greatest teacher I have ever met or seen.

The thing I would say represents her is the saying, “push a long sausage of air through the clarinet” which she somehow manages to say every week!


Maggie's teaching style is fun fun fun! A great teacher who knows her stuff and inspires her students.

Learning with Maggie was so enjoyable. She's a truly knowledgable educationalist, with a sense of humour and a wealth of professional experience.

Maggie was the perfect teacher; always fun, always exciting, Maggie has a real infectious love for the music and a knack of communicating to students of every age.

OscarAge 12

I have played the saxophone since the age of seven. I have been taught by an amazing person called Maggie Gray. Without Maggie, I would not have the standard of music I have now. She taught me how to improvise for my grade 1, resulting in a distinction, and enabled me to achieve grade 4 at the age of 10. At Wilson’s school, I was selected for a music scholarship. My audition was greatly assisted by the fact that I had already achieved grade 4. As I had shown the school that I was an experienced musician, I was put in the top set for music and given a lead role for my saxophone in the year seven jazz band. All of these achievements come down to Maggie and how she showed me how to practise. She couldn’t have done a better job.

Jack William ReddickNational Youth Orchestra of Great Britain & Royal Academy of Music

With her experience in the industry Maggie is one of the finest reed players in London, She has so much knowledge to pass on. She inspired me to become the musician I am today, with her great methods and ideas. She creates such a positive learning environment and energy, and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute I spent learning with her.

Heather Smith

Maggie is an inspirational teacher. From my very first lesson, aged ten, she opened a door into a new universe, providing constant motivation and warm encouragement every step of the way. Her methods gave me a clear, deep rooted understanding of every technical aspect of the instrument, helping me build a solid foundation that has served me brilliantly throughout my professional career. She’s a dynamic, musical force of nature, evolving positive new ways to express an idea concisely and express it simply for any age group. She’s a brilliant all-round musician who finds practical, logical ways to explain harmony and theory, unravelling the mystery while making the learning process fun and accessible.

BakariAge 10

“Best tuition DVD I’ve ever seen!”

This DVD is amazing! It really helps me and my mummy to understand reading music and scales and arpeggios. I think you’ll adore it! Anthony the ant is the best helper because he gives you tips about the clarinet if you encounter any problems. Best DVD ever!