Maggie Gray: The Ultimate Clarinet Book for Beginners

Establish strong foundational skills with this book and your playing will skyrocket!
  • For any age. No matter what your age, here is your recipe for clarinet success.
  • Your problem solver. This book is your 'how to play', your reference guide, your problem solver – your all-in-one musical package!
  • Understand exactly how the clarinet works. Understand how to produce the best sound, how to become musically literate

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Your Recipe for Clarinet Success

No matter what your age, here is your recipe for clarinet success, fun and satisfaction – your 'how to play', your reference guide, your problem solver – your all-in-one musical package!

Understand exactly how the clarinet works, how to produce the best sound, how to become musically literate and, much more importantly, become a musician – a creative artist and a smarter clarinet player!

Learn to inject life and energy into your music as you play to the pulse that you sense, and breathe with the natural phrasing and flow of the music – just as if you were singing.

This book is for you if...

You are a complete beginner or struggling to make a good sound or make sense of reading music.

Unlike all the traditional clarinet tutors on the market, full of exercises but with few directions on how to play the THE ULTIMATE CLARINET BOOK FOR BEGINNERS truly lives up to its name showing you how to do everything! Gone are the days of clarinet confusion.

You have all the answers to hand in this compendium of clarinet golden nuggets, segmented and simply explained for the understanding of everyone.

SkeebyAmazon Review

Aptly described as this is The Ultimate Clarinet Book. This book is not full of tunes to play but has 240 pages of great information about how to learn to play the clarinet. From how to put the instrument together to reeds, practise, breathing, tone, sound etc. Also includes a good section on reading music. I found the book easy and fun to read. As a clarinet teacher I have even found some useful tips and have recommended all my pupils to get a copy. A great book. Oh yes it is also linked to a free online course.

In the Book, You Will Learn To:


Instantly solve the common beginner’s challenges.


Play new notes, associating the senses of listening, feeling and seeing


Read fluently to the level of dotted notes and quaver rhythms.


Develop your tone asking sensible sound questions

Don't Miss Out on These Top Features

  • The ‘Three Step System for Reading Music’ – How to read, interpret and give life to the written music symbols
  • The ‘Daily Practice Plan for All Round Development’ – Structuring the most beneficial exercises to reap the best rewards from your practice time
  • The ‘Practising Checklist for Beginners’ – To ensure you practise only those helpful habits that guarantee a strong technique

You Will See How...

...through all the technical facts and exercises, the really important teaching shines through: making playing fun, having the best attitude and aspirations, feeling confident, loving listening, enjoying every note... and all those wonderful things that make music the fantastic sensory experience it is!

Your Sound and Playing Will Flow!

Playing and reading music isn't a big, complicated mystery – it's simple when you know what you are doing. We just need to make sure that everything is in place; then your sound and your playing will flow, and you will love playing the clarinet!

This book is for both READING AND DOING. Through creative instructions and practical exercises, you are encouraged to bring your music to life by sensing the pulse, feeling the rhythm and breathing with the natural phrasing. You will learn from a position of real understanding as you develop skills to make the best sound and become musically literate.

Your playing will feel easy and relaxed as you appreciate that music is to be experienced and sensed, and that it is so much more than a thinking skill.

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There's More!

The Ultimate Clarinet Book for Beginners comes with a free online gift. ‘CLARINET KICKSTART’ is a portion of the much longer, popular beginners course ‘TAKE NOTE BEGINNER CLARINET’. It is the perfect accompaniment to this book, as it will supplement your learning from a visual perspective.

At 1 hour 20 minutes long, this series of fun, animated videos the are niched into one easy to follow package. It will give you the vital facts about the beginning stages of learning. Step by step, this audio-visual material will make your playing easy and enjoyable – it is like having a teacher in your living room helping you along the way.

At the end, all these skills are brought together when you get the chance to play beginner tunes along with fabulous accompaniments.

The course echoes parts of the book, focusing on specific areas in turn: the clarinet itself, how it is handled, how the sound is made, how to read music with understanding, and how to feel and play with a pulse.

If you are a brand-new player or you've been playing for a while...

...and experiencing some difficulties, you need to read this book now!

Work on all the bite-size tips and make sure you practise only those helpful habits that will develop strong foundation skills on which you can build your playing in the future.

Maggie Gray

About the Author: Maggie Gray

An extensive 38-year career as a full-time professional performer has taken her into TV, radio and London’s West End Theatre Orchestras, both as a woodwind player & Musical Director.

Maggie Gray is the Baritone Saxophone player with Phoenix Saxophone Quartet, which has, made albums, recorded extensively for BBC Radio 3 and Radio 2 and given Purcell Room Recitals.

What People Are Saying

Tom WhitestoneAmazon Review

“What a wonderful book this is fIlling a much-needed gap in the market because it is full of much-needed very important information for any beginner on the clarinet. All the explanations are put in a very easy to understand way which makes it perfect for very young clarinettists as well as adults.  How to breathe  properly, the best way of standing and sitting, how to practice and to solve problems etc etc. Easy ways of learning to read music, dealing with reeds, mouthpieces, care of the instrument and much, much more together with a few tunes to play. ”

Janet HiltonFRCM
Professor of Clarinet RCM

“The Ultimate Clarinet Book for Beginners" by Maggie Gray, is a comprehensive and very enjoyable way to make a sure start to clarinet playing. The information is laid out in an exceptionally clear way, making sure that each step is understood thus avoiding incorrect habits. Reading music is also explained, so that this advances in conjunction with the playing A video "Clarinet Kickstart" is available and complements the book well. The enthusiasm and love of playing shown by Maggie Gray is infectious and evident throughout the book.”

Paul HarveyARCM LRAMSenior Professor (retired) Royal Military School of Music Keller Hall Lifetime Achievement Award holder, International Clarinet Association. Ohio USA

“This book certainly lives up to its title being the most detailed and complete preparation for becoming a clarinetist that I have ever read. Highly recommended for beginners; for the best results, preferably, just before they start playing. They deserve the benefit of this excellent book right from the beginning!


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

I don’t want to read, I just want to get on and play!

I have been playing for six months. Despite practising regularly I’m not improving. Please help.

I can’t make sense of reading the music. It’s a complete mystery to me!

My playing is lumpy and doesn’t flow. Why is this?

When I’m stuck in-between my lessons, what can I do?

Often the sound isn’t coming out well – what do I do?

Strong fundamental skills are vital during every stage!

Achieve these and your playing will flow and feel wholesome.
Secure your practical / fundamental skills to play!

……then put the book aside in the confidence that you can go back and revise them at any time.

You are a creative artist putting your whole attention on how the music feels and communicating with your listener. You focus on the natural flow of the breath and play with the natural phrasing and pulse of the music. And what’s more – you have fun!

ON A FINAL NOTE: Aspire high and enjoy every single note of your musical journey. Keep going when you experience a challenge. Never give up and never let anyone tell you that you are not musical!

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